Friday, January 7, 2011


Sorry I haven't been active the past few days.  The cable and net was down for two days, then my hard drive blew (it's OK, it's a spare) and my dad had to fix my computer then I picked up some substitute hours and was at work for 10 hours today!  The boyfriend came back from vacation so I've been trying to see him as much as possible because I missed him :p And that leaves me to now.. almost midnight absolutely exhausted!  I will have some new stuff for you guys tomorrow and I have lots of catching up to read on your blogs (=

However, I went to Harmon's on my break today and picked up my first ever OPI polish! This one really stood out to me! 

Pamplona Purple! I also got some Nail Tek II which is blowing my mind as we speak, haha.
Have a good weekend guys!