Friday, September 28, 2012

Oopsie Daisies Apple Picking Jelly Sandwich

The thought hit me to turn Apple Picking into a jelly sandwich when I woke up this morning, so that's what I did!

"Natural" Light

This manicure consisted of to coats OPI Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear?, two coats of Oopise Daisies Apple Picking, and one more coat of OPI. I'm not sure if it was because I used my Barielle base coat which isn't really a base coat, or what, but the OPI jelly stained a bit. I used one coat of the Barielle Pro Advanced and one coat of OTD for this mani.

"Natural" Light

"Natural" Light

"Natural" Light

Then I added some stamping.  I used bornpretty's black stamping polish and BM plates 211, 314 and 305 for the images.  The stamping polish worked well, better than WnW Black Creme, which was transferring too sheer. The brush for the stamping polish was flared and had strays which made it a little messy to work with, but the opacity was nice which made up for it.  The stamping polishes are available HERE for $6.93 and free shipping.  Also, you can use coupon code "CA10L91" for 10% as well!

Apple Picking and many others now available at my Etsy store!

Black stamping was provided for review.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jessica Banana Peel and Lime Cooler

I got these Jessicas and two others for a birthday present.  Pastel cremes are my nail polish dreams! They're just my favorite to wear. I love how a fresh creme mani looks and that's why my stash consists of mostly cremes.

Read the end of the post for a coupon code for Oopsie Daisies!

"Natural" Light

Photos seen here are 2-3 coats of each polish over Barielle Pro and sealed with Out the Door.  I said 2-3 coats because some nails needed three while others needed only two.  These were pretty pigmented so I'm not sure why I needed three coats.  I usually only need two for more cremes.  I think thicker coats would've been better and then it would've two coats across the board.

"Natural" Light

"Natural" Light

"Natural" Light

"Natural" Light
 I love these really, I'm excited to wear the two other ones, too.

Has have you seen my Etsy store? I still have plenty of 
Oopise Daisies left!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NEW! Oopsie Daisies Pink of Me - Men's Breast Cancer Awareness

Firstly, I have been an absentee blogger.  School has my bogged down with.. well, school work. It's such a different kind of tired than being work tired. Mental exhaustion I suppose.  I plan on adding lots more posts soon, I have items from the Born Pretty store to review, new polishes I got for my birthday to show you all and much more! Things should pick up soon (=

Secondly, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I personally feel the need to call attention to Male Breast Cancer (MBC) as it has hit home before.  In 2007 my father was diagnosed with MBC and we were all shocked.  We've never even heard of that happening before.  MBC makes up less than 1% of all Breast Cancer cases yet out of approximately 2000 cases of MBC, 450 resulted in death.

Luckily, my father felt the lump and took it seriously.  The issue is that many men shrug it off.  There is a 100:1 ratio of FBC to MBC, that one could be a man in your family.  If you have a history of FBC in your family, educate the men about the reality of this disease.  We have no history of in it in our family, and yet it still managed to happen.  If you find a lump, take it seriously.

I will be donating $2 for every bottle of Pink of Me sold to The proceeds go towards brochures, informational pieces and education for those in the health industry to bring awareness to the other side of this awful disease.

Because my father knew that MBC was a possibility, he took the proper steps.  He went through chemo and had a mastectomy and is now alive and in better health than before he got sick.  He's around now so we can take pictures like this:

Me & Daddy at the Luray Caverns this August

Now, on to the pictures.

"Natural" Light

"Natural" Light

"Natural" Light

Seen above is three coats of Pink of Me over Orly Bonder and sealed with Out the Door.  This polish wore really well on me but may be a little thick to some people, so a drop of thinner or two will definitely fix that! Click to enlarge for better detail.

Pink of Me and more are available at my shop:

Monday, September 17, 2012

Oopsie Daisies Halloween Harvest Giveaway Winner!

The winner has gotten back to me and claimed her prize! The winner is..

Emily K. from Sassy Lacquer! Adorable blog, you should go see!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am so happy to share the Halloween Harvest Duo!  There are sets available in my shop for $15 if you purchase them together, otherwise they are $8 a piece.  Additionally, there is a 10% off your order coupon code available for the next few days. Enter HALLOWEENHARVEST at check out!

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Dior Ultra Violet, Rhinestones & Flowers!

I have a fun mani to show you today!  I started to put Ultra Violet on as a full mani but saw how opaque it was and decided to have a little fun instead.

"Natural" Light

I started with one coat of my Barielle base coat and let it dry.  Then I used Chevron nail guides and painted on Ultra Violet and let that dry. Once the purple was set, I did another coat of the Barielle nail treatment and quickly applied the flower.  Then I applied the rhinestones with a dotting tool and sealed it all with Out the Door. Voila!

"Natural" Light

"Natural" Light

"Natural" Light

Both the flowers and rhinestones are from the BornPretty store, which I just love.  They've contacted me to review products for them and they have me a personalize discount code to share with you all!  If 10 people buy from them and use the 10% off code, listed on my side bar, they'll sponsor a giveaway!  They also have FREE SHIPPING which is wonderful in itself. These particular items were not sent for review, they were purchased by me a few months back.

The Oopsie Daisies Halloween Harvest Duo has been restocked and is now available!
Oopsie Daisies Nail Polish Shop

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Butter London Knackered

I was kind of disappointed at the selection my Ulta had during the BOGO sale last week but I did pick up two, Knackered & Snog.  I was aware Knackered had the tendency to appear frosty but I really wanted to give it a chance anyways, and since it was on sale, I figured now would be the time.

"Natural" Light

This is four coats of Knackered on its own, over Barielle Advanced Pro and sealed with OTD.  There was still some VNL at three coats so I did four.  This polish is a duochrome, frosty.. glitter. Holo glitter for sure. The base leans purple/grey/green? I had a hard time pinpointing it with plain sight.  The Butter London website describes it as, "A sheer, twinkling oyster shade flecked with micro glitter particles. This duochrome nail lacquer is sure to please."

"Natural" Light

"Natural" Light
Might not be everyone's cup of tea but I actually liked it considering how different it is from my usual tastes.  It catches your eye, as it is certainly unique.

 Giveaway Update:
A winner has been picked and has until tomorrow to reply back or a new winner will be chosen. Check your emails!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Chanel Peridot & a Generous Gift

I was astounded and so moved by the generous gift I received from a dear friend on one of my nail forums.  I had mentioned my birthday was coming up soon, which high end brands should I give a try? I usually just direct my loved ones towards the things I want but can't afford for my birthday gifts.  My friend sent me a box FULL of high end BEAUTIFUL polishes.

Peridot & Graphite

Annie & Cuprum
Eclipse & Prism
Shadow & Dior
 So fancy!!!
Needless to say, I was blown away.  I actually cried, which I don't do very often at all.  I was so moved, so touched.. thank you buddy!

Chanel Peridot was the first one I wore.  Well, RBL Cuprum was but I didn't get pics, lol. I've never worn a duochrome before, so I had some difficulties photographing it.  This polish stayed on for four days! That's CRAZY if you know me, I'm a daily changer.  I was busy with school, yeah, but I loved it so much.  She didn't just open my eyes to high end brands, but to other finishes!!

This is three coats over Barielle Advanced Pro with Argan Oil (my new base coat to see if I can get the peelies in order) and sealed with OTD.

"Natural" Light

Cellphone, in my car.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Zoya Zuza Mattified with Stamping

I meant to post this so long ago, oops!  Zoya Zuza has become one of my favorite polishes, I absolutely love it.  I did a full post on it previously but since I did add to the mani, I wanted to share that with you, too.

"Natural" Light

This is the previous mani stamped with BM314 and Konad Special White polish and I used the NYC Matte Top Coat to mattify it. It created a whole different look :D

"Natural" Light

I reaaally like how Zuza looks.. but I also reaaally like how it looks matte, too.  This didn't last long though, it began to chip after a few hours. Harrumph!

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Oopsie Daisies Halloween Harvest Duo Giveaway!

Hi everyone!  I am hosting a giveaway for a set of the Halloween Harvest Duo nail polishes, Mischief Night and Apple Picking.  Just in time for the beginning of a new season!

Mischief Night & Apples Picking

1. Must be a follower.
2. Internationally Open!
3. The winner has 48 hours to reply; in the event they do not, a new winner will be chosen.
4. You can tweet the giveaway once per day to earn extra entries!

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Oopsie Daisies Halloween Harvest Nail Polish Duo

I mentioned earlier this week that I was going to release my Autumn polishes, and now is the time!  The duo consists of two polishes inspired by some harvest time favorites: Apple Picking and Mischief Night!  I'll just mention this now, I had a pretty bad break on my left middle finger so I've got ultra-nubbins now. I really can't wait for them to grow back to my regular length!

First up is Apple Picking.  Inspired by the delicious fall fruit, Apple Picking contains the colors you'd find in an orchard.  It is a multicolor glitter in a clear base.  It should be noted that the suspension base I use is slightly cloudy on its own but dries 100% clear.  Any cloudiness in the bottle shots does not translate onto the nail at all.

Apple Picking - "Natural" Light

Apple Picking - "Natural" Light
Apple Picking - Bottle Shot

Seen above is two coats of Apple Picking over China Glaze Poinsettia, Zoya Arizona, Zoya Dea and Sephora by OPI Why Yellow There...  This polish is intended to be layered but I suppose it could be worn on its own if that's a look you're trying to achieve.

Mischief Night is a black jelly polish with orange, fuchsia and purple glitter.  This polish is heavily pigmented so it only takes two coats to opacity.  It can be layered over black, as well.

Mischief Night - Outdoors

Mischief Night - Outdoors

Mischief Night - Outdoors

Mischief Night - "Natural" Light

Bottle Shot
Seen above is two coats of Mischief Night own its own.

These with many others are still available;

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hey, Sailor!

I didn't do a Memorial Day mani, or a Fourth of July mani, so I felt it was due time for a patriotic Labor Day manicure! This one is inspired by the colors but it also reminds me of a sailor costume for Halloween maybe. You know how all costumes have a "sexy" version? Sexy witch, sexy cat, sexy ophthalmologist? I don't know, lol.

"Natural" Light

So yea, there is smudging. I really didn't wait long at all before applying the topcoat so this was more of a user error than a product one. I use a cheap striper I get from the local dollar store, no brand name really.  I use it on my toes all the time for a French pedi and it never smudged because I wait long enough. I was excited to see this finished so.. smudging it is.

"Natural" Light

I used the incredibly gorgeous Zoya Song for the tips. I'm pretty sure it's a one coater, I only needed to run the brush over once to get this opacity!  It's sparkly and a deep blue and uh, really pretty. I used nail guides I bought from Ebay:

There are so many fun designs included in the package!  The lines on my nails were really neat but I wanted to add so white which is why I went over them.  I applied topcoat and added a gem while it was still tacky.

"Natural" Light