Wednesday, January 19, 2011

question for my dear readers..

Lately, I've been wondering why I've nearly recieved zero comments or feedback.  A few of my previous posts for a few weeks ago had lots of suggestions, comments and general feedback and I love to read everyone's opinions, as most people do!
I actually thought my comments were broke somehow and tried to fix it, and tested them to see that they weren't broken at all.  I've been watching my stats and I get around 40 views a day, about 10 of which are from me checking for errors and spacing problems.  So that means about 30 people view my blog a day, or fewer view it multiple times.  I have 39 followers so the numbers seem fair. 

My question is not "why aren't you commenting" but are you ladies reading/viewing my posts actually?  I have no way to tell if anyone is actually reading/viewing my pictures or not.  I wouldn't stop posting and discontinue my hobby if that was the case, but its generally just something I've been wondering.  I have no ill feelings about it, it really simply is just a curiosity.

I know I don't prompt questions at the end of my posts like most people do, and I typically post in a "here is what I did" kind of way versus a "do you like what I did" fashion.  So I know that plays into it, and as mentioned before I'm not bitter or anything!  Just wondering if I'm talking to myself here, lol.

Thanks for any thoughts on this (=


  1. 1 I now have 162 followers and I average about 2/3 comments but that includes a couple of very polite bloggers who are nice to me and make up the vast bulk of comments! So that's about 1.5% if you look at number of followers.
    2 I do leave people a question to ponder and that often provokes a response.
    3 Still early days for you. Don't be discouraged.
    4 I would say that I prefer it when the first pic is the 'end product' and THEN you do the step-by-step tutorial. If I just see the plain base colour I don't necessarily click on the post and read the rest.
    5 I haven't done a full year yet but things seem to have gone quiet after Christmas. Perhaps people are busy with their diets and gym and resolutions. Just a thought.
    Best wishes.

  2. I'm always reading your posts! But sometimes I don't have the time to comment, or I just don't know what to comment! But I still enjoy your posts!

    Further I agree with Jaljen, sometimes people comment, sometimes they aren't ;) But when you know that 30 people watch your blog at a day, most of them wil read your posts ;)!

  3. Personally, I'm just lazy. Hahaha. If only I could comment using my brain; I wouldn't have to manually type it out!

    I also second Jaljen's number 4! Final product photo first, then the steps. :] She's right, though, it's still early in the blogosphere for ya!

  4. I stop to look over most blogs I follow every other day but sometimes only have time to glance. Only a few of my followers post comments now and then. Really I blog for myself. It's a way for me to keep track of polishes I have used and designs. I look at other blogs to get ideas or to just admire others talents and wish I had a smidgen of it. Don't give up.

  5. I do read each and every one of your posts, but like the others have said, I don't always have time to leave a comment. I know it's frustrating when you don't get the return you'd like, but don't give up! I enjoy your posts. :D

  6. Hello :-) I've been reading all your posts since I started following you. My comments depend on how much time I have, the nature of the post, whether I'm signed into blogger etc

  7. wow o.o thanks so much for the feedback! jaljen your points are particularly helpful, especially #4 lol. makes complete sense!

    Laura, Megan, Tempera, Sylvia & Kendal tyvm for taking the time to clear it up a little for me! It means a lot that all of you lovely ladies took the time for a little TLC for lil ol' me :)

  8. I comment in person... lol <3

  9. i read the blogs i follow in google reader, which from what i can see doesn't have the option to leave comments. i almost never click the entry to open a new window and read it directly from the blog. but i do read all your posts!

  10. Well, I don't comment much (mainly because I'm sorta boring, and not one of those really bouncy-happy sorta folks - so you shouldn't take it personally!), and I don't have a blog o' my own (nor do I see myself having one anytime soon)... but I do like to see folks talking about stuff they like and being happy about it. There's so little happiness, and the nail blogs have an abundance of enthusiastic, genuinely happy-to-be-talking-about-nail-polish kinda folks. It's such a drastic departure from the rest of my life, really. I just found your blog under my Google Reader "Recommended" blogs. I'd like to say I'll try to comment, but I'll more likely lurk. LOL I'll try to waive atcha' every so often - how's that? ;)

  11. Jessica D. - That's ok! Idk much about google reader, i follow others through GFC but the feedback is appreciated (=

    Mir - That sounds like a good plan xD Thanks for following and thanks for your input! I agree, blogging is my escape from reality, too!