Thursday, January 20, 2011

sally hansen nail prisms "golden cinnabar"

First off, I’ve never claimed to know everything about nail polish.  In fact, I know very little, lol!  I tried taking indoor pictures of a duochrome.. trichrome.. multichrome (am I making up words here? Probably.) And holy hell did it not work LOL!  There are so many different dimensions to this color and the flash magically removed them and turned it into a solid copper!  I believe it is a duochrome.  I see two defined colors most of the time, and once in a while another sneaks in.  Basically, I don’t know how to define the color but I have some snazzy pics of it and hopefully one of you can help me with the correct terminology!

You know those rain dances?  I think we should all join together in a "index finger nail growth dance"  I broke it last week and it refuses to grow )=  My skin looks a mess, too.  But that has a cure.. just moisturize haha.  I had to get these pics before the sun when down so there little time for that.

I see gold and purple.  That makes it a duochrome, right?

Pretty :D

This is indoor with flash.  Basically a "WTF, that isn't right at all!"  Lesson learned (=

Sooooo.. can anyone help me correctly describe this polish so I can figure it out on my own from here on out?  Much appreciated!


  1. I would definitely call this a duochrome. And they're a PIA to capture accurately on pics. You, however, did a great job! To really get an accurate pic, no flash is best. I love this color! I'll do a index fingernail growth dance for ya.

  2. Unfortunately, any kind of dance like that in NJ only leads to snow.

  3. LOL coryn youre a clown. were getting snow tonight ive heard )=

    Thanks Megan! I am somewhat getting the hang of how to identify things like this. Thanks for the dance too.. :D

  4. This color is so unique and pretty! How refreshing.