Tuesday, January 11, 2011

perfected the french!

Good News/Bad News time. My dad finally fixed my good computer. But I am still using the bad one. Booooo.  My "good" computer has Photoshop CS on it so this post and the next few will be edited and cropped courtesy of MS Paint! Yay!!

I bought myself some of Nailene's PERFECT Tip Guides and oooh am I excited!  They work so nicely and finally, I am able to give myself the perfect french mani without wanting to rip my hair out. It's a good day!

Wheeee I love it!  The white was done on my bare nail with L.A. Girl's "French White".  After that I applied one coat of NailTekII and then sealed with a coat of my Beauty Secrets Topcoat (which I love btw, doesnt goop up!)

Side note: look at my index finger nail. It's a wonky freakin' mess.  My fakies that I glued on it last year ruined the shape and it is still growing out. Faster, Faster!!

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