Monday, May 23, 2011

bargain haul - 12 polishes under 19$!!

Hi ladies! Finals are over, got my 3.33 gpa :D super excited and now I am working fulltime. Daycare work is bad on the nails and hands. Rubber powered gloves dry my skin out, and I've been banging my nails and snapping them left and right. But I am doing well! Finally (=

I wanted to share with you my recent accumulations of polish. I've got 12 new bottles for 19$!

Five Below
3 for 5$
Oatmeal - High Voltage - Bashful
Five Below - CVS - Local Dollar Store
2$ - 2$ - 1$
Saved by the Blue - Fashionista -White Shadow
Five Below
2$ - 1$ (clearance)
Sand and Stilettos - Kelly
Local Dollar Store
1$ each!
The Rocks - royal puple (lol!) - delusional
Five Below
Blue to Lavender
Uh, this is blue to light blue.but close enough? lol.
There you have it! 12 bottles for 19$. So exciting to me. Reviews to follow, hopefully. and what is this annoying box underneath this text.. I CAN'T GET RID OF IT

Friday, May 6, 2011

MOODSTRUCK - color changing nail polish.

I bought my first bottle(s) of color changing polish from Five Below for 3$ each.  There was a decent selection but I chose two that looked pretty to me.

"Orange to Light Orange" with one coat of ChG "Bad Kitty"
This is the "cool" tone. Hands were cold, lol. Excuse the
chipping on the thumb, too.  I did it almost immediately after
painting both hands and was heading to bed.
This is the "warm" tone.  I wore this a few weeks ago
when it was warm out and it stayed this color all day!
A side by side comparison.  Two fingers in hot water,
two fingers in cold.
1/2 dipped in cool water.  This is how they look when I'm
not cold or warm.  My longer nails create a really cute
French tip type of look!

I have to laugh at the bottles though.  I've never seen such poor design, the bottles are curved so the labels don't sit right.  They keep bubbling up.  Also, it looks like 12-year-old-me designed the label when I first discovered Photoshop. RAINBOW GRADIENT YAYYYYYY. 5+ points for the font choices xD

The formula on these is pretty sad.  It's quite streaky, it dries matte so it's very prone to chipping without a topcoat of some sort.  Also, speaking of design flaws, the whole bottle is about the same width, so the polish collects heavily at the top of the brush, making it a goopy mess that needs to be scraped off every time you rest the brush back in the bottle.

  Since it is a matte finish though, it dries INCREDIBLY fast.  Which is a double edged sword.  I chipped my thumb nail almost instantly after applying Bad Kitty and my topcoat.  The 4 hard, already solidified layers of polish underneath I'm sure contributed!  And yes, this was 4 coats to eliminate streaking.

It's cute and novel though - for 3$ I'd totally recommend it (=