Friday, January 14, 2011

Born yesterday?

First off, I want to state that most of the Sally Hansen products I have, I love and use to their fullest extent.  Now, let me vent.  I feel sort of like the product designers over there must think we are a special breed of stupid for releasing this product;

 This was the brochure next to the display.

Say it with me ladies; “WTF”.  Not only is this one of the most gimmicky things I’ve seen in a long, long while, but when I opened the bottle in the store I could hardly believe of awkward and wonky this product was.  I’ve never claimed to be an Einstein, but the mechanics of this bottle were tricky.  The twisting motion seems like something only to jam up and eventually become stuck and useless.  The handle was incredible awkward to hold and I’m not sure how anyone exactly could use this without complications.

I suppose if you know nothing about polish, functional brushes and brush handles, this would be super novel and enticing at the same time.  Not to complain about the quantity of polish, but when I opened it, it nearly slopped over the side because they’re so full.  I don’t sample polishes in stores, but I do open them to get an idea of formula/color.

 I'm not crazy about the idea of a bottle of nail polish needed directions on how to open it. But thanks for the inspiration inside the pamphlet.

-In other news, my dad ordered a new power supply and hard-drive for my computer and combined all my files and programs from both computers onto one.  Now I have everything I need and a functioning computer. Yay!
-I finally registered at my new school (a university! Just excited to be finished with my community college excursion, hehe!) and start next week (= I am soooo excited to go back to school but NOT excited about the 45 minute commute by train or hour commute by car.  Patience, please be with me. 
-Found out I needed to declare a second major, I chose English.  I need 39 additional credits in English alone.  I have about 56 out of 129 needed to graduate with my BA.  Wish me luck ladies…
-I’m taking 3 classes this semester.  Adolescent psychology, Writing about Literature and British Literature II.  Fkin’ A!!
-14 followers away from my first giveaway!!

Also, I took this picture the other day of (from left to right) my roomie, sister and sister's BFF.  We were all doing our nails but at the moment of capture, not so much.  I just think it's funny when people are in my room, it's so small so the bed is only choice for seating, ha!


  1. I agree so hard with this post. Those polishes are ridiculously tricky to open! Talk about gimmicky. :( Which is a shame, because I like some of the colors! The brushes sucked so, so much. Sad day.

  2. yea i loved the bright pink and yellow! i gotta see if they have those separately!