Monday, January 17, 2011

sally hansen nail prisms "ruby diamond"

How pretty is this color?  I have NO idea where it came from though!  It just wound up on my collection one day and I am guessing my mom just tossed them in there.  While these are discontinued (and I have no clue why!) you can still find them on e-bay and probably google if you just do a little digging.

Ruby Diamond is a pretty magenta holo that covers so nicely in just two thin coats!  There is no topcoat in these pictures.

How many pictures is one supposed to take before they realize there's little to no chance of catching the true beauty of a polish?  I got to about 25 and they all looked the same, sans these two.  They are unfortunately the pick of the crop!  This color is definitely stunning in real person.  I would have considered taking these in natural light but there hasn't been any sun lately.

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