Saturday, January 29, 2011

disney on ice; snow white inspired mani

Today I took my sister, old roommate and her 3 year old daughter to Disney on Ice.  We had such a good time and her little girl, Amaya, absolutely looooooooved the Snow White part and went NUTS when the 7 Dwarves came out.  I actually did a mani the night before inspired, somewhat abstractly, by Snow White's iconic dress!

Three coats of China Glaze "Lemon fizz" for four nails and a base color of Funky Fingers "Alice" on the accent nail.  I freehanded the red diamond with Art Club's red nail art polish and that's it!  It was somewhat recognizable, but not an entirely gaudy and obvious reference to the dress itself.  I loved it :D

(These are not my photos, love the Photoshop job on the first one LOL.)

Sadly we were running a bit late so we got there as the first scene was going and we were so enthralled and distracted I took maybe only two pictures of my own!