Wednesday, January 26, 2011

fail of the week; water marbling

LOL.  These pics made me laugh so hard.  It was an honest effort but an evident fail.  You don't get better without practice so I don't consider this a total waste.  I'll get there (=

base: two coats of ChG "Lemon fizz"
marbles: some random purple unlabeled L.A. Colors Color Craze and "Static electricity" by L.A. Colors Color Craze

I tried having a talk with my nails.  Went great. Really.

Me: hey thumb, I'm going to clean you up now.
Thumb: no, no you're not. i'm gonna give you hell, kid.
Me: hey ring finger, what are you doing?
Ring finger: raging against the machine cathryn, raging against the machine
Me: pinky, you ok?  what happened?
Pinky: herpaderp
Me: oh btw, index finger, what's with that weird glare you got there, you know the one not caused by light?
Index finger: black magic.



  1. I think they look cute so not a fail!

  2. Your commentary made me literally L O L!! just keep trying! You just need to remember to pick a spot you like in the cup and go SLOW! GOOD LUCK!! <3

  3. they really don't look too bad! xx

  4. HAHAHAH, herp derp derp. XD I love your commentary. I think your middle finger turned out quite nice! I have yet to even get this far in water marbling, so you've got me beat. >:P

  5. thanks, all! my middle finger did come out pretty nice, which is why i didnt converse with it LOL i have the technique down, for the most part, but the edges are always gapped and the basecoat shows through too much.. its ok though, well all get there!

  6. I died... since when were you this creative? xP

  7. I think they didn't turn out that bad :D But I saw this tip somewhere that might help with the cleanup. Before you dip your fingers into the polish/water mix, you should coat every part except the nail with petroleum jelly. Then just wipe the polish residue on your fingers with a tissue or something. It comes off much more easily.

  8. @Pearl Lynn- i tried that once and it was a mess. but maybe i was just not being careful enough. will try again next time because the tape causes bubbles on the sides for me!