Sunday, January 23, 2011

funky fingers "voodoo"

Ohhh I love it!  I normally don't go for any type of dark colors.  I love bright happy pastels and such, but this one weaseled a way into my heart!

"Voodoo" is a black jelly base with teeny tiny little copper.. glitter?  Is that glitter?  I'm still trying to learn how to identify all elements to a polish but these little shiny pieces seem smaller than normal glitter.  Whatever they are, they're copper.  And pretty (=

This was taken outdoors.  You can see the sparkles better.  Click to enlarge this one for sure because it really is a stunning yet subtle added element to the polish!

Anyways,  what exactly is the sparkly element of this polish actually called?  Thanks!!


  1. When I'm telling family or friends about polish I always say if you can feel it (rubbing your finger over the nail) it's glitter and if you can't it's shimmer....but i've been proven wrong more than once with that saying lol!!

  2. ooh i didnt know that "shimmer" was an actual term for the sparkles i thought it was a finish! copper shimmers.. ill roll with it unless proved otherwise haha. thanks (=