Tuesday, January 18, 2011

cuppycake tutorial

As promised, here is my cuppycake nail art tutorial (=
Six simple steps to a delicious manicure!

1.  Choose a base color that won't clash with your icing color and paint your nails with it, lol.

2.  Paint nearly 1/3 of your nail with the a different color for the cupcake wrapper.

3.  Choose a color for the lines/ridges on the cupcake wrapper that stands out enough, such as white on pink.

 4.  Choose an icing color that doesn't clash with the wrapper color either.  If the colors are too similar you won't be able to distinguish the different elements of the cupcake.  Paint (doesn't have to be perfect) this shape (whatever that shape is LOL) over the edge of the wrapper up til about 1/3 away from the base of your nail.

 5.  Fill that shape with color.  I had to go over this a couple times to hide the pink edge.  It was slightly sheer but the lines only create texture which works in this case!

 6. Decorate!  Add sprinkles and a cherry (with a shiny spot if you like) to create extra elements on the cupcake.  I used a paperclip for the sprinkles and shiny glare and the end of a paintbrush for the cherry.  Dotting tools obviously work too.

That's it!  If you plan on doing one on each nail,  it's easier to do an assembly line type of deal by doing each step to all nails before moving onto the next one.  Make sure to wait for the decorations and design to dry before adding a topcoat to avoid streaking! Bon appetit!


  1. tyvm! i wouldve loved to make a video but oh lord am i awkward in front of a camera LOL

  2. So cute!! I might just give this one a try. Thanks for sharing. :D

  3. No problem Megan (= You should, I'd love to see it you do such clean work :D