Sunday, January 2, 2011

fauxnad of the day!

Your girl here had a moment of genius and remembered where Amaya (my friend’s 3 year old who lost/hid my stamper last week) hides all the toys when she’s over.  When the light bulb finally went off, I ran to her secret hiding spot (a basket of cat toys next to the TV stand in the living room) and sure enough found my konad stamper!  Seeing as I received my bundle monster plates earlier this week, I was super excited to play around with them.

 I ironically used my Art Club nail art brush in “Mochalatta” (I had just made a post mentioning I’d never use it!) for the stamps over a base of Almay One Coat “Sheer Angelic”.  First of all, I needed two coats, and second of all, why would they make a one coat sheer?  It wasn’t sheer like a sheer is supposed to be with the one coat, it was spotty and NEEDED a second coat.  Then again, my mother gave me this bottle like 4 years ago and I am pretty sure she had it for about 45 years before that.  It also smelled like burning rubber kind of, really strange.

Sorry for the quality of this photo.  The brown looks totally washed out.  And the Almay isn't quite that white, but it is a little more true-to-life than the nail art.  I find the nail art polishes to work pretty well with Konading, but when they're a bit aged.  Ya, like wine.  Better with age, they thicken up.  It's obviously better if there not goopy when youre hand-painting designs.  The second coat of "Sheer Angelic" finished up pretty nicely except my right index finger.  I didn't fret though seeing as I had plans to stamp!

Looks nicer in person, for sure.  The flash makes the red pigment show too much.  It's more muted in person.

Also, I'm getting really excited.  I've gotten 17 new followers since I started posting again on Dec. 19th.  I will have a giveaway when I reach 50 (=  What a great way to celebrate!