Sunday, April 18, 2010

marble swatches

ive been playing around with marbling a lot to figure out the best techniques. i still havent figured that out but i did make some cute color combinations lol.

im starting to think marbling would be a great idea for highschool girls going to a pep rally or something along those lines. i made one (not shown) of virginia tech's colors unintentionally. a lot of school colors would look nice marbled. i was thinking my own highschools colors. since i transfered my junior year i have two sets. the first was silver and navy blue and the other was gold and blue. just a thought!

heres what i think when i see these samples: halloween (spiderweb nails), cotton candy and summer! im going a pineapple mani soon, ill show pics later this week.  i love the results!! sorry though, i cannot remember which brands or names these are.. i was just mixing and matching haphazardly. enjoy regardless. click for enlarged detail! (=

"fruit stripe gum" mani!

pink & yellow are two of my favorite colors, but it wasnt until i finished this marbled mani that i realized they looked a bit like fruit stripe gum, especially my pinky!  this time i think it went a little bit better than my previous attempts. im starting to figure out what works best for me and which techniques are more efficient.

from left to right (and in the order used):
funky fingers "off with their heads!"
hard candy "splendid"
konad black
l.a. colors art deco "gold glitter"
sally hansen intsa-dri anti-chip top coat

i used fauxnad plate m11 for the design. i also used my dotting tool with the gold glitter to enhance the overall look by putting dots of gold glitter over the black dots.

i was happy with the final result, mostly because i havent been able to get a marble to look halfway decent. i think this mani overall though is a little flashy for me. i only wore it for one day and ended up taking it off.  i dont know if it was the color against my skin or what but i think i have a preference for more simple manicures! i did my friends nails too with a neon purple and a neon blue and she wears it so much better than i wore mine. ill try to get pics of hers up later.

also, just a side note: five below has an alice in wonderland collection with some very pretty cremes.  there is also a blue glitter that was beautiful! not sure if this is old news or not but i was so excited!

(bottom two images are clickable!)