Thursday, January 27, 2011

franken; "candy hearts"

My first few franken attempts ever consisted of mixing together crèmes and seeing what I got.  I started to notice that all of the frankens I did make looked like other polishes I already had, and those frankens didn’t contain the colors that they inevitably ended up looking like so I quickly lost interest.

I made 3 experimental frankens with some eyeshadow pigments and the results are just so different from anything I’ve already got, and I love that!  A few weeks ago I made a yummy springlike peach that I love and don’t have any like, as well as a minty jade that was a unique addition to my collection (=

This franken I am showing you today hits close to a ton of polishes out there but reminds me a little of Good Witch (ChG) sans the chunky glitter.
The only problem I have with this one is I think I added too much pigment, because every few strokes a clump shows up on my nail.  That requires smoothing it out, but it isn't too much of a pain.  I added 2 balls and thinner and it's still a little clumpy.

"Candy hearts"

This was an entire bottle of Sally Hansen "flawless" which was just a clear, colorless polish.  I mixed in 3 different color pigments but the red streaks at the bottom, but not on the nail - so no harm, no foul!

Also, we got lots of snow and I took some pictures!

Frank was exploring on our screened in porch.  The snow blew in from the screen and he left little paw prints all over, too cute!

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