Friday, June 10, 2011

"favorite girl" & a skin problem

Uh.. what day is it? Friday? I feel like Monday morning, lol.  I figured I would give a quick update and post about a new polish I bought the other day.

This blog crosses my mind about 3 times or so a day. I miss it but have been successfully dodging it for more reasons than "lack of time".  As mentioned before, the gloves I wear are destroying my hands.  No latex allergy but the powder has been brutal.  I have mild dyshidrotic eczema on my hands, and it is (in my case) stress triggered.  The constant washing, lotioning and gloves have caused the skin on the sides of my fingers to literally peel off by the end of the day.  I don't want to post pictures of raw skin and aggravated blisters.  Up until this week I hadn't even painted my nails for about a month in order to not call attention to them.  The topical steroids my doctor has prescribed help, but it doesn't cure it.  I've done research on the condition and there isn't much you can really do.  WARNING: if you decide to be ballsy and google pictures of it, it is pretty gory.  As I said, mine is mild (actually, very mild in comparison) but micro focus is rather unforgiving.

Work has been truly exhausting.  It's hot, the air conditioning isn't the best, and enrollment has picked up.  There's a handful of coworkers who have turned being lazy into a true art form, meaning those who do work have to work harder to pick up the slack.  A lot of people there seem to have unofficial "daycare tenure" and can evidently do no wrong.  I'm in the 18 month - 2 and a half year old room by myself, there is a lot of lifting, chasing and general running around. It's mentally taxing, too. I come home and watch TV for a bit, and usually fall asleep. I have an 8 hour day, but usually spend my hour break trying to catch up on work that needs to be done. I am by no means a morning person and waking up at 6:45 am blows. I don't think anyone wants to listen to anyone gripe about work, but this is my little soapbox!  It is really nice having a break from school though.  When I come home from work, there is no sitting at the computer typing paper after paper.

On to the polish (=  I tried having long(er) nails while working but holy crap it was impractical.  I have super nubs now.

Forgive the cat fur, my Ralphie LOVES this thing, haha!
Polish damage after ONE day of work )=

Funky Fingers - "Favorite Girl" 3 Coats
A pretty pink foil.

I don't have many (or at least, wear many) foils, but this is really pretty.  The application was somewhat splotchy, but I think it has more to do with me being out of practice.  Some lighting and holding my hands just the right way so thin spots of the polish.  But about 95% of the time you can't tell - you'd really have to be looking for it to see it.  2$ at five below - totally recommended!

And back to my previous paragraph - does anyone have or know of anyone with dyshidrotic eczema?  I've seen information saying to keep it dry, some says to keep your skin moisturized - it's all pretty confusing.  Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated.  My doctor(s) basically shrugged it off, they had NO useful advice.