Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i shouldn't even make this public LOL

How did we come to this atrocity you wonder?
Read on my lovely, into the story you'll plunder!

Here goes nothing;

It started out with a pinkish pink
The pinkiest pink that you ever did think
A bright neon pink, so hard to capture!
But a beautiful pink, oh joy, OH RAPTURE!

She thought and she thunk and she thought some more
What could she do to spice up this bore?
She looked and she saw a bottle of glitter
“Pour it on the tips!” she thought, her heart went a twitter!

So she dumped that bright glitter all over her tips
And she poked and prodded, it dried in a zip.
But once more, there was more to be done
“I need to add PIZZAZ and make this more fun!”

So she picked up some polished and went to town
She stripped with pink and white, all up and all down
Then she looked and she thought, and she came to deduce
This looks just like something from the dear Dr. Seuss!

An original whack job poem by yours truly (=


  1. The verse is appealing
    The mani - I would be concealing


  2. @ jaljen haha verry funny XD

  3. LOL We all have manis like this. I love how you turned it in to a Seuss work of art. :)