Thursday, January 27, 2011

covergirl NOTD!

Purple purple purple!  I don’t know what has gotten into me but I can’t get enough of the purples lately.  This mani is about 4 or 5 coats of Cover Girl Nail Slicks in “Sheer orchid”.  The polished pooled in some spots of my nails because they’re still so fk’d up from the fakes I used to wear.  They’re growing out, slowly but surely!

Sheer orchid is a dusty kinda purple jelly.  I chipped my pinky shoveling this morning, oops.  Notice my index finger, yea, I "fixed" the problem by adding to it and slapping on a fakie.

Added some delicious sparkles with Cover Girl Boundless Color in.. wow I have no idea.  The label is missing from the bottle.  

Now for some genuine girl bitching. While all of the major aspects in my life are in order, I have a stack of minor irritations slowly adding up that, you guessed, I’m going to vent about!

-I somehow, I guess, broke my father’s camera.  I dropped it a month or so ago. Well it fell off my bed, about two feet, onto the carpet. It wasn’t a drastic fall and it worked fine after up until this morning. It takes one picture, then the lens spazzes out and the camera turns off.  I lost one of his credit cards 3 years ago and I still hear about it so I suppose I won’t be living this one down for a good while.  I tried to make up for it by helping him shovel from about 4am til 6am this morning because we got a foot of snow and he had to go to work.  I’m not mad that he’s upset, and he’s really not that upset, I’m upset with myself for ruining something he trusted me with.

-A totally superficial complaint but my stupid index finger nail that has been a nubbin since it broke a week or so again has finally gotten the best of me.  I was at the vet, my little kitty isn’t behaving right, and I was impatient and nervous and picked at it well below the quick.  It bled for a while and stung, still does, but I applied a fakey to it for now until it starts to grow a bit.  I didn’t push hard so hopefully it doesn’t damage the new growth.

-My little bitty kitty has some kind of infection or something, there is blood in her urine and I’m not to happy about it.  She’s being treated now but as of recently she started peeing on everything and acting erratically.  She is in heat but there’s a defined difference between being in heat and being sick.  I’ve seen cats in heat before, they howl and meow and rub all over things and stick their asses in the air and are super affectionate and annoying, but peeing over everything isn’t typical, especially of her.  We just got her from my brother a few months ago and I’m just worried she still hasn’t adjusted.

This is my little princess (=  She's so tiny! Only 6 pounds!  My brother had named her Artemis but the name doesn't roll off the tongue well.  As far as anyone in my house is concerned, this is Squidget.  Or Squidge, or Squidgee.  She's so petite and cute and such a sweet little girl.  Loves cuddling and nuzzling, omg I just wanna squeeze her head off sometimes LOL.


  1. oh what a shame about the camera :(

    and what a cute kitty!!! x

  2. I have a color similar to that I got in a pair from Dollar Tree last week. Poor little kitteh - I hope she gets better soon!

  3. That stinks about breaking your daddy's camera. Was it a super nice one? If you look into getting another, for him or you, that is just a digi point-and-shoot, the canon I have is AMAZING quality and price. And, best of all, I was super drunk dancing in a nightclub trying to take photos and dropped it on the hard floor, and it was fine. I've dropped it a few other times, but it's shock absorbent. So from this story if you take anything from it make sure you get a shock absorbent camera they really work and are awesome. =)

    Oh and your kitty is soooo cute! Hate the name though! lol Squidgee is much cuter. Marlee is about 4-5lbs so I can only imagine she's adorable!(depending on how much she eats. OMG, yesterday Tom left his lunch bag on the ground when he got home from work. Marlee got into it and ate all of the ham and some of the bread, but left the salami. lol. But whatever, she's done it before. BUTTT, I went to our UPSTAIRS bathroom to pee, and I opened the door to find a piece of salami she dragged up there like wtf?! lol)

  4. @Megan, i got that purple from the dollar tree in a two pack! probably the same one (= its very pretty im glad i got it, actually accidentally got two of them hehe

    @Britty, his camera was like 200$ i think, its a pentax optio w30. its waterproof and he did lots of research before buying it because he takes it out with him when he fishes and takes the most beautiful pictures of scenery and ugly pics of his big catches LOL what boggles my mind the most is that it worked fine, without a single error for over a month before faulting but the only thing i could think of was when it fell off my bed!

    thanks for the well wishes!

  5. Wow What a pretty color! A 2 pack from dollar tree! Wow nice deal!

  6. hope your kitty gets better!

    and you have better luck with your finger. :(

  7. @Toesthattwinkle! - yea i got like 7 two packs! it was thrilled!!

    @anne - thanksx2 (= shes starting to get her zest back lol

  8. Kittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttyyyy