About Oopsie Daisies Nail Polish

Oopsie Daisies Nail Polish is owned and operated by myself, Cathryn. I also run this blog, hot.pink.aurora.  I've been involved in the nail polish world for a few years now and decided to create my own nail polishes to share with the community.  Oopsie Daisies Nail Polish is available on Etsy for $8.50 a piece.  Click Here to Shop.


Summer 2012 - The Sweet Treat Trio - SWATCHES
A sweet trio of treats inspired by dessert classics.  These polishes were released during the summer of 2012 and have milky/creme bases with glitter.

Tiramisu - Banana Split - Strawberry Trifle
With a Cherry on Top

Two Limited Edition polishes joined the Sweet Treat Trio.  With a Cherry on Top is a bright reddish magenta jelly based polished with various sizes of red glitter.  Ganaché is a brown jelly based polish with multiple sizes of chocolate glitters with a fine coppery finishing touch.  These polishes will not be available after the created stock of them has been sold out.


Summer 2012 - Planetside 2 Collection - SWATCHES - SWATCHES
Inspired by the MMO, Planetside 2, this collection consists of four polishes - three representing team colors and one celestial beauty, released late Summer 2012. This collection has since been discontinued.

Cosmic Ruins - Cultist Chic - Solider of Fashion - Tyranny

Fall 2012 - The Earthbound Collection - SWATCHES - SWATCHES
One of my very favorite games brought to life!  The Earthbound is inspired by various aspects of the SNES game, Earthbound. Select polishes from this collection have been discontinued.

Top L to R: Moonside, Winters, Starstorm Omega, Fuzzy Pickles
Bottom L to R: Bubble Monkey, Pyskick, Unlikely Hero


Fall 2012 - Hallowen Harvest Duo - SWATCHES
A cutesy set of autumn themed polishes.  Mischief Night is a black jelly based polish with purple and orange glitter.  Apple Picking is a clear based glitter topper with green, orange, red and brown glitter with both matte and metallic finishes.  Mischief Night has since been discontinued.
Mischief Night - Apple Picking


Winter 2013 - Wintertime Wonders Collection - SWATCHES
Wintertime Wonders consisted of four holiday themed polishes.  Festivus for the Rest of Us, Carols by Candlelight and Keepin' It Kosher were clear based glitter toppers that have since been discontinued.  Glacier is a creme based minty green polish with a touch of blue packed with glitter and is still available.


Spring 2013 - Flora & Fauna Collection - SWATCHES
Inspired by nature and all it encompasses, the Flora & Fauna collection is a set of five polishes.  Bluebird is a "Satin" finish polish, Fawn is a creme based polish, Lady Bug and Pick More Daisies v2 are both jellies while Cherry Blossoms is a clear based glitter topper.
Bluebird - Fawn - Ladybug - Pick More Daisies II - Cherry Blossoms

Spring 2013 - Friends & Fans Collection -SWATCHES
This collection was inspired and named by the friends and fans of Oopsie Daisies! Strawberry Tall Cake, Springtime Spumoni and Blueberry Muffins all have a white creme base with a variety of glitters.  Scrunchies & Slumber Parties has a bright purple creme base while Fairy Tale Wishes is a clear glitter topper with star shaped glitter.  This collection also debuted the new, transparent Oopsie Daisies labels!

Strawberry Tall Cake - Springtime Spumoni - Scrunchies & Slumber Parties - Fairy Tale Wishes - Blueberry Muffins
Photo Credit: Make Up Withdrawal