Friday, January 14, 2011

NOTD; south hamptom seafoam

What a cute name (=  This is a beautiful springy robin's egg blue creme, or tiffany blue, I guess.  It's a subtle difference.  Either way, love love love!

Pre-cleanup, excuse the mess xD

Sad sad; my index finger finally went!  The nail itself was destroyed thanks to my fakies I had used months ago but I had been using strengthening foundations to try and make it work.  And it held on for a long time.  I was cleaning underneath my nails and the tool I was using pierced RIGHT THROUGH the middle of the free edge.  It didn't technically break, but it looked a mess.  If I had tried to file/buff it, it would have made it even more thin and fragile.

I don't know if you can tell, but where the light hits my index nail, you can see a break in the white part.  That's how dramatic the dent in my nail is from when I stopped using fakes.  All of my other nails have much less noticeable indentations and much much less damage.  My left hand is worse than my right since I am right handed and was able to push the fakes on harder with that hand.  Ugh )=  They're about half way grown out.  Only a few more months to go!  Also, I added a cute french tip to these, I'll update later!

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