Friday, February 26, 2010

today sucked.

today was a sad, sad day )=
we had to put my beloved kitty, zeus, to sleep. he was almost 14, but his old age doesnt make it any easier. he stopped eating, and lost a lot of weight. we waited a couple days more to see if he would eat again but i think the damage was already done. he was up and walking around yesterday, today he barely moved and couldnt even seem to hold his head up. the vet had a very hard time finding a vein because he was so dehydrated.

rest in peace little man, ill miss you forever <3

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

update of crap (=

so yea, school is back in full swing. but theres other reasons i havent been around much lately. ive provided visual aides to tell my about my absence:

ive been babysitting this one for a while. her mom and i used to be roomates. her mom is a single parent that didnt know too much about raising a baby. i had taken many education courses related to children and worked in daycares for almost 6 years, so i had lots of experience and knowledge to pass on. i helped her raise amaya since she was about 9 months old. i love her more than anything, i feel like shes my own child sometimes. i dont have any children of my own, but if this is just a taste of parenthood i cant wait.

look at her. shes absolutely precious. we have sleepovers sometimes which entails of multiple false alarm potty runs at 3AM. but thats not too bad. she is the love of my life and i want to steal her from her mother haha. such a personality on this one. ive called her nugget since ive known her, haha.

WELL! aside from babysitting, it was my best friend kristi's 21st birthday week! yes i said week. we in jersey believe in, 'go big or go home' haha so we had plans all week for fun things. i call her gooter. derived from kristi yamaguchi.. then from yamaguch.. then guch which isnt the nicest of things to call a person.. so it quickly changed to gooter and has stuck since. haha good story, i know! (=

it was also my dads birthday on the 1st of feb, but i dont have any photo documentation to prove that. but it happened, really.
aside from babysitting and birthdays, theres been school.

this is the mess i have to work with. my desk is taken up by my computer so schoolwork is done on my bed in this tragic fashion. and of course, my kitties love sitting on papers so flinging them off the papers every 5 minutes gets rather tedious.

so thats that! thats what ive been up to. i dont have a photo of this to share, but im somehow accidentally created mannequin hands by using china glaze's "good witch?" with the matte magic topcoat. wtf. im so pink its not even funny anymore lol. so whatve you guys been doing?