Saturday, March 27, 2010

sinful colors; beautiful girl

first off i wanted to say WOWWWWW school has consumed me! and secondly, all my nails broke, so i grew them back out.. and then they continued to break. so im just doing my own thing right now with some store bought tips that come bare and have been decorating them myself. i miss my natural nails but im just too rough with them. i actually broke a few in my sleep which continues to baffle me. and not just chip, but BREAK.

first gripe about the fakies is that i bought the wrong style, i got short square.. im thinking i shouldve gotten active square. i have to trim them SO much before theyre ok by my preferences. second gripe is theyre fake and going to damage my nails lol.

i was in rite aid in philadelphia this past week and i found a sinful colors color that mustve overlooked here in jersey. the display was on top of a counter instead of under one like the walgreens here.

its called beautiful girl and its a looooovely creme based baby pink. no frills, just what it is. and i LOVE IT.

fyi, daddy has been using his camera for fishing since its been so nice out.. so i had to employ my genuine POS. photo quality=low. color=mostly true. its a bit brighter i think, but i cant capture that with my camera.