Thursday, January 20, 2011

motherload of a haul!

I feel like I hit the jackpot!  I decided to go to Dollar Tree on a whim before class and I am so glad that I did.  They had tons of polish that I haven't seen there before and I took full advantage of it.  I had to pick up a couple things like sponges, air freshener, etc.  I got a total of 19 polishes and the other items for 25$!  Most of the polishes came in Two-Packs so I made out even better!  Here is what I got;

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms which I think are beautiful polishes in general and got so excited when I saw these!  I got "Golden Cinnabar" and "Diamond".  I tried to swatch and photograph the purplish one and I am going to have to wait for sunlight because I have now realized it is impossible to capture the beautiful duochrome that it truly is!

L.A. Colors in "Energy source", "Red blooded" and "Radiation".  Didn't intentionally buy red, white and blue but the oranges they had just didn't do it for me :p

E.L.F in "Champagne" and "Coral".  There is something wrong with "Coral" though.  It has lumps and there are these white streaks painted on inside of the bottle?  I am going to add some thinner and maybe a ball or too to see if I can get it going though.

From left to right; "Bronze jubilee", "Very berry", "Arctic violet" & "In a flurry"!  I somehow missed that I accidentally had two of the right hand package in my basket, so while I did get 19 polishes, there were 2 doubles )=  That's ok though, I kind of want to mix them together!

From left to right; "Sun kissed", "Arctic violet", "Sand castle" & "Sun kissed".  I had to buy another "Sun kissed" in order to get "Sand castle".  Also,  I somehow messed up when taking pictures and missed a polish that is called "Sheer orchid" which is a very purple jelly looking number (=

"Triple platinum" & "Gold front"

Cannot wait to swatch & show :D :D :D !!


  1. You are nuts. And I want to wear some of these pronto =D

  2. ok mama (= next time you come over for a manicure ill set these out to pick from haha