Saturday, November 26, 2011

So, What's in the Sally Hansen Nail Glam Party Pack?

It's essentially a grab bag guaranteed to contain a specific amount of stuff.  It pushes out old inventory and jazzes it up with new packaging; smart move Sally Ho.  I was aware of this while looking it over at the store and took a closer look at the packaging and decided to give it a shot.  I bought this at Rite Aid for $9.99.  I figured I'd take one for the team and figure out what this has to offer.  Also, if anyone knows of any other bloggers who've done this too, please let me know as I'm curious to see if there is any different colors.

It comes in this friggin huge box.  And look, it has a handle, for convenience!

Click to Enlarge
I suggest you click to enlarge the photo directly above as it states what is promised in the grab bag.  The fine print breaks down the possibilities.  I can say that I did in fact receive 7 polishes, 1 treatment (topcoat) and 2 tools (file and clippers).

When you open the box, that is, after you figure out how to open the box, there is a giant triangle of corrugated cardboard. YES. Needed one of those.

But seriously Sally Ho, what's with the paper waste? At the bottom of the box is another box.

And this box is stuffed with paper and at the bottom of this box is finally the nail stuff.  Packaging fail.

I'll start with the Chrome Pens first.  I got 5 of them (as promised) but a duplicate pair.

Two Pink Chromes, Gold Chrome, Turquoise Chrome and Green Chrome.  The selling point on this entire thing was that the Chromes evidently are great for stamping with - otherwise I would've passed.  But knowing it came with some good stamping polishes was the deciding factor on purchasing it.

It also came with a light pink pen for French Manicures, from what I can tell the color is called "Le Bon Bon" and the "treatment" is a top coat.

The last polish it came with, bringing the total to 7 was a berry creme called "Tender Mulberry". LOL at the name, but I'll probably love it.

It also came with a nail file and a pair of standard nail clippers but my battery died so lets just pretend they're pictured here.

From what I've seen, Sally Hansen wants to abolish all of the pens and Chrome pens.  I've seen them at Five Below (for around $4 each) and I've heard they're at Big Lots for $1.50 each.  The nearest Big Lots is a half hour away and it never has anything good so I won't be venturing there again.  I believe when they first came out they were running around $9 at drug stores, from my memory at least.

This little set is probably a non-polish fanatics wet dream but I'm still pretty excited for the stamping possibilities.  In conclusion not too bad for $10 I suppose.  The amount of packaging materials is bizarre though, the box is really huge but that doesn't affect anything inside of it really.

Again, if anyone else sees a post similar to this please post it in the comments section - I'd love to know what others got!


  1. Thank you so much for this post! I've always been super curious as to what actually came in those boxes. I remember last year a few people found bottles of Hidden Treasure. Now I'm thinking of heading out to Big Lots to look for the pens!

  2. good luck! i tested the pink one, PERFECT for stamping!!

  3. The chrome pens look fun for stamping - hope they work for you!

  4. I bought the box today and I got almost exactly the same thing. the only differences were I got a pink and a purple chrome pen instead of two pinks, my french manicure pen was this ugly clear yellow color, and the bottle of "nail color" was clear instead of actually being a color. I was a little disappointed because I'm not a huge fan of the pen type nail colors (I also don't do stamping), and I didn't find the disclaimer at the bottom saying what you get until after I got home and had already opened the box. But I still think it was worth it and I'll probably buy another one, I'll just make sure to read the bottom first.

  5. nailjunkie - maybe since new stamping plates are becoming available at drugstores you could give it a try. also, there are some tutorials online, i believe, about how to decant the pens into bottles so you can have a better brush if you arent interested in stamping at all.

    and ty britt :) they do!