Sunday, November 6, 2011

My First Zoya: Mira

After hearing such wonderful things about Zoya polishes but never venturing to get some, I decided to use my voucher towards finally get my hands on some pretties.  I got Mira, Maya and Neeka and decided to try Mira first. I felt purpley.

Thanks for the edit job, Britty!
This is three coats of Mira over CND Sticket Base Coat (which I love by the way).  Two coats is all you really need with this one but I shlapped on a third after having some tipwear and realizing I hadn't taken pictures yet.  It's like, the perfect purple creme.  I really am thrilled with this one.  It's so simple but it's done right. No complaints!

 This is topped with a coat of SH Insta Dri (Red Bottle) and together they make such a shiny finish. I really like simple polishes like this, there isn't much to it at all, just a purple creme.  It's one of my favorite shades, too.


  1. This is beautiful on you! I recently ordered a bottle from the Zoya B2G2 free deal, can't wait to use it.

  2. This is a SUPER gorgeous color! Great pick!
    Unfortunately I wasn't too fond of my first Zoya shade, but I've picked up a couple others since, and the rest of them are just great :D

  3. I Love Mira! It's such a beautiful color!

  4. thanks! youll love it mimi, its perfect!

    thanks ladies (=