Thursday, November 17, 2011

On Tuesdays I Wear Glitter

I hadn't realized that I've been doing it until today.  It make sense, and I'll explain in a minute, but what I'm going to admit to is total nail blasphemy.  Tuesdays I have two double period classes;  so I'm at school from 4:30pm to 10:15pm.  My second class is Shakespeare Survey and it is literally a brain melting class.  We discuss every aspect of everything and then we watch the old Laurence Olivier movies.

So far we've read and watched Henry V, Richard III, Much Ado About Nothing (modern film), Midsummer's Night Dream (modern film) and King Lear.  Three hours every Tuesday.  So, on Tuesdays I wear glitter, because on Tuesdays I spend half my evening craftily picking the glitter off my nails.  It had been a subconscious thing, but I realized recently it has become a habit.  Glitter my nails the night before, spend the next night picking it off. "DON'T PICK AT YOUR NAILS!!" I hear you yelling at me, I just can't help it.

Soooooooo of course on Monday this week, I put on one of my new China Glaze glitters: Material Girl.

Oh! The sparkles!

LOOK AT IT.  It's a glorious glitter.  Glory aside, it was a complete pain in the ass to apply - so thick and goopy.  I had to use thinner in it almost immediately.  Material Girl is PACKED with glitter. PACKED I TELL YOU.  I added some thinner to try and help thin the base, it was a somewhat futile attempt but it did help a tiny bit.

This is 3 coats of Material Girl topped with THREE coats of OTD.  I don't have any glitter smoothing topcoat so I ended up stopping at 3 coats of OTD because I could not eliminate the gritty.  I need to get a bottle of Gelous because I really want to be able to wear this more often.  It's so pretty.


  1. OMGosh that class absolutely sounds mind numbing! It's no wonder you pick your nails through it. I don't pick my polish but I would if I were in that class. Sheesh!! ANYway...this polish is pretty and definitely packed with glitter. I hate when a polish is gloppy - no matter the finish.

  2. This post made me laugh because when I was in college, I remember one semester I also had a schedule like that! Wish I'd thought of something like this to keep me busy during that torture class! I just used to doodle all through my notes. :P

  3. LOL you girls are funny. this class makes me babble and drool i tell ya!

  4. Danggg you're class is so long, how do you do it? I pick at my nails in class when my professor starts rambling lol

    Gorgeous glitter polish! Prob the best picture of Material Girl, makes me want to buy it (: