Sunday, November 13, 2011

Best Haul Ever!

Today I recieved my order from NailXChange.  She's having a blogsale and I purchases some real beauties from her.  I also squashed my biggest lemming ever:  Sally Hansen Prisms Blush Diamond (Light Version)!

Ooooooh! How exciting!
I purchased a total of 5 prisms, 3 Takoko and got 2 Coloramas as gifties!

I cant remember the order of which these are after I mixed them up since they are similar but my lot included:
Purple Diamond - Pink Rose Diamond (Dark) - Pink Rose Diamond (Light) - Blush Diamond (Dark) - Blush Diamond (Light). I am beyond thrilled to finally own these.  I am a huge fan of pink holos, and these are exactly what I love!

My friend picked out the 3 Takoko ones (307-398-367) and two gift Ruby Rays.

How amazing is this haul?! I got the whole bunch for about $50 with shipping and PayPal fees - not bad!  I can't wait to wear these. I got Purple Diamond on now, post coming soon.


  1. HOLY COW! You're haul. ever!

  2. Ha! I'm glad that you're happy with all your pretties. I was told by another girl that you wrote about me, thank you! I can't wait to see your posts about these beauties.