Friday, November 11, 2011

ImageBeauty Order: China Glaze Holiday Sets!

I placed 3 orders from ImageBeauty with my Plum District deals and this is the first one that arrived!  I was anticipating the winter and holiday collections from China Glaze so it's nice to have my hands on most of them now.

I don't plan on doing a full swatch post of all of these but they will likely get their own posts with some nail art or stamping. I want to wear these rather than just swatch. But you'll get to see two in upcoming scheduled posts sometime soon!

Seasonal Sparkles Set
Contains: Holly-Day & Poinsettia
Gift: Twinkle Lights
Twinkle Lights is counted as a gift because it was $6.99 for the package, and the middle item is the gift. So there is my logic.

Deck the Halls Set
Contains: Glittering Garland & Champagne Bubbles
Gift: Holiday Berry Cuticle Oil

Let It Snow Set
Contains: Blue Year's Even & Snow globe
Gift: a snow globe (so cute!)

I'll start posting pics of these polishes as soon as I start taking them!

What did you get order from ImageBeauty?


  1. I'm interested in seeing the glitter. I wanted to pick it up but just didn't.

  2. its very festive in the bottle, if youre a glitter lover you'd probably love it!