Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sinful Colors Star Fish & a NOPI

I'm not crazy about the polish I am about to show you.  Which is hard to understand considering its a pink creme and those are my favorite.  Sinful Colors Star Fish is a mauve-y kind of pink.  It is really pretty in the bottle, it just looked crappy next to my skin.

3 coats of Star Fish
 I had on CND Stickey and topped it with SH Insta Dri (Red Bottle).

Sorry for the wonky index finger.  I messed it up earlier and then "fixed"  it before taking photos. Looks like a dent -_-

I tried to save this manicure by adding NOPI Step to the Beat of My <3.


 These have one coat of the NOPI. They made it look cuter but the base color was still blargh on my skin )= Another one to add to the swap out pile I guess!


  1. I agree, something is off about that color. Those sparkles and hearts are TOO cute though! If you go swimming, I go swimming too! haha

  2. Star fish is one of my favorite polishes. It is such a perfect hue of pink and purple but still neutral enough to wear to work. I really wish I got more of the polishes from the collection that star fish was released with, they were all such pretty but earthy toned colors. & BTW thanks for letting me know about the person stealing my pics!! I noticed whenever someone takes my pics they completely hide all links that would give u contact with them! I still don't understand how someone would copy and paste an entire post but not copy and paste the link lol.. Oh well =/ xx

  3. agreed! its such a pretty color but it just doesnt sit well against my skintone, im so disappointed. i got seaweed and open seas and theyre gorgeous!

    and no problem (= people are strange, she has tons of pics of people w/ diff skin colors.. and tons of pics w/ watermarks, wtf is the point?