Saturday, November 19, 2011

Brucci French Petal & a Jelly Sandwich

I only have two Brucci polishes, but I really like the two that I do own.  I got one a while back in a ROAK kind of thing, and I recently got this one from ImageBeauty.  French Petal was $2.35 on ImageBeauty and I believe they're also sold at Rite Aid.  For as cheap as they are, they really are impressive. French Petal is a new favorite, a yummy baby pink jelly!

Three Coats of French Petal

This is three coats of French Petal over CND Stickey sealed with a coat of OTD.  This worn like IRON!  French Petal is the perfect palette cleanser if you've been wearing lots of crazy colors.  I really enjoyed how
it looked on my hands, it's super soft and feminine and not many colors I've been wearing lately are.

I jazzed it up with some stamping with BM201 plate.  The full images on the new Bundle Monster plates are really great.  I have normal sized nails for the most part, but my thumb nails are wider than most.  The stamping covered my thumbs IF I turned the design sideways.  For this particular design, it didn't affect the direction of the image.

I also used Konad Special White for the stamping.  That was a wise investment.  Many metallics and foils work well for stamping, but I have not come across a white that works as well as Konad Special White Polish.  The only other Konad polish I would consider buying is possibly the yellow, as many yellows are far too sheer for stamping.  They run about $8 or so, so I'm really not jumping to buy any except for white.

This is actually a "jelly sandwich" except instead of glitter, I used stamping.  There are two additional coats of French Petal over the stamping plus another coat of OTD.  This, again, wore like iron!  Brucci seems to wear really well for me personally and that's always a good thing!

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