Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Autumnal Franken: Cornucopia

I thought I had posted this ages ago, evidently I did not. I was probably waiting for Fall weather. But the East Coast skipped Fall and went straight to Winter. Yea, we had a white Halloween.

I don't remember the proportions for this at all, I mixed it until it resembled the idea I had in my head.  I do, however, know what I used to make it.

Klean Color: Red Hot, Tiara Gold, Chunky Copper
Orly: Life's a Peach
Sinful Colors: Call You Later
WnW: Cougar Attack

Red Hot and Cougar Attack where both glitters that had tinted jelly bases.  Red Hot had a red very sheer jelly base while Cougar Attack had a charcoal, almost black jelly base.  I used Life's a Peach (an orange shimmer) to try and balance it out to a more brown base.

Macro bottle shot.
I have it layered over two different polishes in these pictures.  The first is Avon Vintage Boutique, which is a chocolatey creme and ridiculously shiny.

Two coats, no TC.

Then I put two coats of Cornucopia with one coat of OTD TC.

I also have it over WnW Private Viewing:


  1. Love the franken. Definitely very appropriate for Fall.

  2. thanks for the feedback ladies! <33

  3. Love it! It looks like the perfect fall franken ^__^