Tuesday, March 1, 2011

OPI DS Ruby and a mini haul

Yesterday was a fabulous day as far as nail polish is concerned.  I went into my local Harmon Discount (like a Sally's but more random crap) and found OPI DS polishes for 3.97$!!  I bought two, but I will be going back for sure because I am in love with the two I got.  Normally polishes on sale are the ugly ones nobody wants; not the case this time around!

Anyways! I couldn't wait to try them out so this post is all about OPI DS Ruby.

OPI DS Ruby with Funky Fingers Moonwalk
"Rich, jeweled red" according to the brochure.
It's a magnificent deep pink holo!
Standard blurry shot for details. Click to enlarge.
& one more for good measure (=
OPI DS Ruby & Vintage
You'll only benefit from clicking to enlarge these pictures.  Ruby is absolutely stunning!  It's like a circus on my nails.  Pictures with the french tip have a topcoat on them (couldn't help it LOL) but the ones with just Ruby only have Nailtek II as a basecoat.

I also picked these up in a 4-pack for 5$ at Five Below.
I love purples.  What a fantastic shopping day!
Pretty sure OPI DS Vintage is going to be my next post; maybe.. maybe not - we'll see :D


  1. $3.97 for DS - you are so LUCKY! And Funky Fingers! I don't get those where I live. I would have loved to be with you yesterday. :) Excellent and FUN haul.

  2. Very pretty!! I, of course, like the DS by itself, but I love it with the line of black on the tips. Good haul!

  3. @trailhood chic- right? its so pretty! so glad i stumbled upon them!

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes- aww we couldve went nuts together xD wouldve loved a shopping buddy hehe.

    @Megan- thanks! was just playing around, i think i liked it alone more