Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sinful Colors - Savage

I was wandering through Walgreens and found this bucket of Sinful Color polishes that weren't on any 3 of the displays in the store.  I'm not sure if they are discontinued or what, but I picked two of them up plus a third I found on the main display.  The one I am showing you today is one of the bucket polishes!

Sinful Colors "Savage" and my Neener helping me with my mani.
She was VERY helpful, actually!
3 Coats and TC
This polish was strange.  It tried completely matte and stained LIKE A MOTHER EFFER. I forgot my base coat so I had to buff buff buff.  I did a pretty decent job fixing it though.

The flash in the last picture kind of brightened the color up a bit.  It's a bit darker and a little more "dusty".  It's pretty though, I definitely like it!  Sinful Colors are available at Walgreens for 1.99$ (=


  1. i love this colour!!! nice one for finding it in the bargain bin :D its so sweet that your kitty is in the first picture! always up for lending a helping hand? (tongue) haha! cant wait to see the swateches of the other two you picked up :)

  2. Pic of Neener licking you is too cute!

    Not a fan of this blue.