Sunday, March 27, 2011

franken "MISCHIEF"

I made another franken this weekend.  I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.  Sometimes mixing polishes can be a bit of a crapshoot and I have made my share of formulas that just don't work.  It's nice to get a decent one (=

Three coats of "Mischief"
I used a super cheapo bottle which has a really weird brush but the formula was decent enough to not suffer from my carelessness.

L.A. Colors (has a name but I don't know it) Purple Jelly
L.A. Colors "Jewel Tone"
L.A. Colors "Live"
Unnamed Funky Fingers
This is approximately equal parts.  Definitely click to enlarge, there is a lot of detail that is destroyed with the photos compressing.

& then I added "Live" on the tips.
It played nicely since it -is- an ingredient!
Bonus freehandy-lines I added to "Choose Me!"


  1. I love the small blue glitter running through this franken. Nice!

  2. thanks :D it makes it POP a little more i thought!

  3. coryn i thought you said that about the reddish magenta-y one?

  4. >___> Perhaps you are correct, I was looking at the blue-ish colored ones though lmao

  5. Nice franken! Looks stunning on you.