Sunday, March 6, 2011

funky fingers POP ARTIST

Hello ladies!!  It's Sunday, as you know, but its rainy and actually kind of warm out.  Not the worst combination of weather I've faced this year so I'll take it.  I have a nice, bright summertime polish for you today but it is most certainly a neon, and cannot be photographed true-to-color.  I tried to color correct to the best of my ability with photoshop.  It's also a jelly, for that added fun haha-you-can't-photograph-me touch!

Funky Fingers "Pop Artist"
The name alone inspired me to add some fun decoration.  I CANNOT get enough of the polka dots lately.  I'm sorry they've been on every many I've posted lately, but addiction is addiction so please don't judge.

I tried outside, but its cloudy. Fail.
Color corrected.  Yea, its *this* bright. My dad couldn't look
directly at it, lol!
Art Deco "Baby Pink"
L.A. Colors "Energy Source"
OPI DS "Elegance"

The fact that I can't capture neons, yet alone neon jellies, discourages me from wanting to swatch 'n show!

This is probably my last reminder before my giveaway ends tomorrow night at 11:59PM EST. Click HERE for details and submission form (=


  1. i love the polka dots you have been doing! they are really fun all layered and overlapping. :]

  2. So pretty! I love what you did with adding the polka dots! Very cool!