Wednesday, March 16, 2011

green green green.

My news feed is FILLED with green fingers!  I'm not crazy for most greens but there are a few a like.  This is how the pink haters must've felt around Valentine's day, meanwhile I was in my glory! 

Ok so there is a slight discrepancy about this polish. It could be either of two different ones.  And it is trying to be both.  I can't figure out which it is because the two are almost identical in the bottles.

Either Funky Fingers "Wild Child" or "Tribal"
This is a green I love (= Although it has some blue in it, there is plenty of green!  What is this? Turquoise? IDK.

Wish I knew which it was!
Gorgeous regardless!


  1. Maybe it's a Mint? Almost a Shamrock but I'd stick with Mint.

    But it also looks like the turqoise green the Aztecs wore, but not the Turqoise like here in NM. :)

    Whatever it is I like it! lol

  2. LOL, I'm loving all the green....I'm such a green fiend, so I'm like a pig in shit right now.

    Anywho, this color is so pretty....I suck at describing colors so I can't help with what kind of green it is. All I know is that I likez it. :3

  3. I really like that shade of green - but I think I'm to pale to pull it off...

    on another subject I was looking to contact you with a question but can not find an email address for you.

    Mine is linked to my profile.

  4. minty.. teal turq.. IDK! but thanks ladies hehe