Sunday, February 27, 2011

ravamped franken; Moondream

So I originally made a franken that I was not happy with! But I revamped it.  And now I love it.

Moondream (After a My Little Pony LOL)
This is the original.  I added lots more white
to achieve the color I wanted.
Close up of the shimmers.  Click to enlarge.
Pretty lilac shimmer/creme.
 I'm really glad I added more white.  I was not happy with the original color and it sat in my drawer for a while before I took it out and decided to change it.  Now it's wearable.  The bottle I used had a clear polish in it, so it has a clear base.  I really like these bottles though. I got them at the Dollar Tree and they're Maybelline brand.  They're smaller than RBL bottles but similar.  I wish I had a whole hoard of these to franken with!

Which do you prefer, the before or after?

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  1. Hi, I personally think I like the original better. As we know, there are tons of similar, lavender/pink milky w/shimmer polishes as well as the original brighter one, out there. I guess I just go more for the brighter shades. I also felt that you couldn't really see the shimmer that well in the new version. Just MHO. Thanks for the great blog and Funky Finger's swatches, I really like their colours (just got "Melted Popsicle" and love it!) I'm thinking about getting "Flamingo," bad name and all! Although I prolly have a ton of colours just like it, LOL! One thing I don't understand is this: I'm not sure what most Bloggers do when they post Frankens but I thought it was odd that you shared the colour you made with description, pix of ingredients etc. but no names of what you used? Maybe they are supposed to be secret personal recipe's? Not sure but I thought, why would you post a Franken you made, if you're not going to tell people how they can make it themselves? Oh well, sorry if I sound negative, I don't mean to! I love a lot of the stuff you like, ie: ChG, hot pink, FF, Frankens, Shimmer etc. So thanks for the blog and swatches to help me decide what new polish I need next! xXx…Sorrow