Saturday, March 19, 2011

worst formula EVER and a haul

EUGH. I have encountered the worst, most awful formulated nail polish in my entire life.  I have 5 year old dollar store polishes with more grace and dignity than this one.  And I'm mostly pissed because this is supposed to be a somewhat reputable brand.

 BEHOLD Finger Paints "Chrsyanthe-mum's the word"
This is 3 coats.  I orignally did my nails once, and it bubbled and had drippy marks all over it.  So I tried again and added a little thinner.  Then that still wouldn't work.  So I added more thinner. STILL SUCKED.  This nail polish was so freakin' thick I can hardly even describe it to you.  It left severe streaks, would go on my nail and then drip all around my cuticles.  I don't know if this was a bad bottle, or what, but I've never, EVER worked with such a pain in the ass polish before.

One coat.
Streaks streaks streaks. It was SO goopy.  If I screw something up I will take fault for it, but at this point in the game I know how to apply nail polish and many other aspects of it.  This was not lack of skill - this was lack of quality. And that upsets me.

I rarely buy polish that costs more than a few dollars unless its a holiday or I did something good.  I bought this at Sally's for 4.49$ with my club card.  It pisses me off that it was so shoddy.  And it also pisses me off that I found a green I like but probably won't ever wear again!  Something tells me something went wrong here; either a bad batch or someone had left the lid off of the bottle at the store or something.  I can't comprehend a 5$ polish being that much of a POS.

Pretty ring though (=
 Accented with Funky Fingers "Under Mistletoe"

What I picked up yesterday:
Ulta "Red Carpet Red"
Ulta "Encore Pink"
L.A. Colors "Jewel Tone"
Essence "Choose Me!"
Essence "Ultimate Pink"
What gets to me the most is I bought Jewel Tone, Choose Me! and Ultimate Pink for a DOLLAR each - and I love them.  I go outside of my norm and spring for a 5$ bottle (full price) and it blows.  The Ultas were on sale - 2 for 4$!  You win some and you lose some, I get that.  But this is my blog and I like to bitch when bitchin' is necessary LOL.


  1. Bitch on! I would too. Like you, I rarely pay full price for polishes. If it's not in the clearance bins, I can wait.

  2. For this quality and that price, I guess I would bitch too.
    Love the other polishes you picked up though :)

  3. I would totally bitch about that!! I snagged LA Colors Jewel Tone at the Dollar Tree on Friday - so pretty. Nice little haul you got (save for the biggest piece of crap ever).

  4. Sorry about the formula!!
    I've definitely had my issues with Finger Paints formula in the past, so I feel your pain a little bit.
    Is it possible to get a refund?

  5. This is ironic, I just "tried" to use Fingerpaints from this collection and had the same problem. I thought it was just me. But since reading your blog, it seems like the brand is the problem!! This will be my last FP purchase

  6. wow ladies thanks for confirming my unfortunate suspicions. this brand is certainly off my list and i will not be purchasing it again.

    the other colors i picked up are great though, cant wait to show you!

  7. I bought Finger Paints full spring release. This green and one other color (can't remember now) had the suckiest formula out there. I also found that I was trying to thin the green and I ended up not even posting my swatches of this collection because the 2 chalky, thick, nasty ones were so disappointing. I might get around to the post? What seriously pissed me off was the green was the BIG color I was wanting. Bah! I feel your disappointment.