Sunday, March 20, 2011

Two pretty pinks!

Thought I would change up the tone a bit, instead of complaining I have some raving to do!  I've previously stated how pleased I am with the Essence Colour and Go polishes.  I went to Ulta this weekend and they had restocked them so I picked up two.  Today I am showing you "Ultimate Pink" along with my first Ulta polish (which left me pleasantly surprised!)

A beautiful magenta creme!

Two coats with TC
This was a creme-y jelly kind of polish, leaning more towards a creme.  It looks kind of squishy, too.  It jumps off my nails, I love it!

This polish is called "Encore Pink" and it straight up reminds me of ballerinas, lol.  It's very pretty.  This is 3 (maybe 4??) coats?  I can't remember but I usually habitually put on an extra coat than necessary just to round things off nicely.  This could be wore with 3 OR 4 and still you could achieve opacity.


So I put both of these pictures, even though they make the polish look like two different shades, because it does vary in the light setting you're in.  Just by turning my back to the light when taking the photo makes it look a lot darker.  But it isn't a flat color, it plays nicely with the light and sort of chameleons to the lighting.

All of this being said, in reference to my last post - that beautiful magenta cost me 1.06$ while this pastel pink was somewhere in the 2$ range (Ulta has 2 for 4$ sale going on until beginning of April I believe - knowing the quality of the polishes now, that's a nice deal! Especially since they're 5$ a piece normally!)

Price does not equate quality. Lesson learned (again and again)


  1. Pretty pinks. I haven't worn pink since -- forever. I really must break out a pink.

  2. I really like the Encore Pink and it does remind me of my daughters ballet tights and slippers lol. Very pretty, great color for spring.

  3. thanks (= i love pink, its my favorite color in true girly fashion ahha