Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Franken - Tippytoes (pic heavy!)

I think I am going to officially name all of my frankens after My Little Ponies.  Why the hell not, it is so much easier!  So I really love this one, but have you ever been sitting there mixing colors and have an "aha!" moment of perfection and then realize you basically all ready have that color?  I did.  I basically re-created China Glaze's "For Audrey" with a slight hue change and some glitter.  But I'm keeping it!

It's a *little* more green.  And you can see the glitter better in the bottle than on the nail.  It's VERY subtle!

Indoor flash
Indoor flash
So then, as usual, I thought "You know what would be PERFECT over this? HIDDEN TREASURE!" So yea, I shlapped it on.

Outdoor - indirect sunlight
Outdoor - direct sunlight
I usually don't take pictures outdoors unless it will really benefit the color and show all the details.  Hidden Treasure is most certainly one of those colors to capture in the sun!  Oh it made it perfect.  Every once in a while I do something I like, and every once in a while I do something I hate.  This time, I LOVE it. Love love love.

Funky Fingers "Wild Child"
Sinful Colors "Unicorn"
L.A. Colors "Energy Source"
Icing "Starlight"
Pure Ice "Don't You Wish"

And in true "Cathryn Form", I have NO idea of the recipe as I just mixed until I found something I liked.  Sorry, I'm good for that.

OK SO THIS IS IRRELEVANT BUT LISTEN UP.  Anyone grow up in the 80's or early 90's?  There is this website, Ghost of the Doll, which archived all of the girly toys released in those years.  I literally had a nostalgia freak out when I discovered this site.  It has pictures, years released, photos and more details about each toy than you can even comprehend.  If you're anything like me, the next 3 hours of your life will be spent on that site wishing you were a child again.  In which case I'm Sorry or You're Welcome, LOL!


  1. I kept wondering what a "Franken" was! LOL Do you just save old bottles or buy new empty ones? I like it by the way and as a child of the 80s I LOVE THAT SITE!!! :)

  2. Thanks Josie! (=

    @Painting 'Em Up- a lot of people buy empty bottles from different supplies (that i dont know of, because i dont, lol) i use old bottles, clean them out with acetone. there are some old ugly colors i KNOW ill never wear.

    also, if you get clear polishes from dollar stores you can use the base as a jelly, etc. its fun! also eye shadow pigments work great for adding shimmers!

  3. this colour is gorgeous and also I hate you for posting that site. So much time gone... lol love it!

  4. Very pretty turquoise looking sparkle franken. The flakie addition is lovely too. And, yes, naming frankens can be such a chore - so I like how you decided to do it. :)

  5. hehe youre welcome Lesley (=

    and thanks lacquer ware! i try yanno? xD

  6. this is my favourite franken that ive ever seen! SO up my street, i love turquoise! the sparkle is lovely, and no matter how many times i see hidden treasure its still my favourite glitter topcoat evaaar!
    keep them coming :D
    Emily @emilysnailfiles