Friday, March 4, 2011

more OPI DS beauties!

So I went back to Harmon's today and picked up 4 more OPI DS polishes.  The supply was a little bit picked through, but there was still tons left so it wasn't to bad, really!

I <3 when polish comes packaged.
Elegance - Divine - Design - Passion
I just have to say, these are incredible, and I love them.

No basecoat, No topcoat.
Passion & Elegance look quite similar here, no?
But this one shows more variation between the
two colors.
"Elegance" is my favorite, I think!  I really love pinks and this shade is one of my favorites.  I don't know if I'll wear "Design" as a full mani alone, though.  Maybe I'll swap or just keep it and stare at it because it is pretty, just not on my pale skin!

I asked the lady at the store why they were so cheap, and she said the company sent them over 500 of them.  Even after the staff had picked through and bought first choice (Grrrr!) they said there was still an unreal amount of left overs.  She went on to tell me how there was some type of 3 pack of treatments for 3.97$ too, but the employees bought them before they went out.  The idea of that kind of irks me, to be honest.  I know there is nothing I can do about it; it's an added challenge I suppose!

As always, click to enlarge (especially this post!)

Anyways - which is your favorite?


  1. Omg, situations like that is why I want to work in a place that sells this kind of stuff.
    It sucks for the consumer though.

    But that's neither here nor there.
    These are all pretty colors, and you're so lucky to get them at such a great price! I guess I like passion looks the most holo. :3

  2. I like design, but I liked it when we were in the store. Didn't you buy some other ones besides these?

  3. Oh gosh I wished I lived in the US, that's MEGA cheap. Like here where I live(Sweden) they would NEVER put OPI on sale. Even the regular price puts me off: approx. $23 ...yeah no kidding.

  4. awesome.. i just googled Harmons.. i never knew of this store and it happens there is one 20 minutes from my house. thanks!

  5. @ChaosButterfly - agreed completely. its a perk i guess!

    @coryn - yea i got two WnW's too, havent touched them yet :p

    @Olivia - that. is. absurd! does it come with a chunk of gold? thats the only way id be spending 23$ on ANY type of polish!!

    @Natalie - tyvm!!

    @theVEROblog - glad to be of service :D they have nail effects for 7.80$!

  6. I like those SO much ! I wish O.P.I was cheaper here :(
    Xx. S

  7. That just pisses me off too. They shouldn't set it aside for the employees, it should go out as normal and if the employees happen to buy some on their own time, like the rest of the customers, fine. But keeping it in back for them to pick through just doesn't seem right.