Thursday, March 31, 2011

i finally got that handbag that got away!

WHO LOVES DISCOUNTS AND COUPONS? This girl, that's who.  Originally $89.00 I got it for under $30.00 because I stacked coupons and discount things.  I had bought it a month or so bad for $67.50 and returned it because that was too much.

It's SO cute in real life.  The sides have lace all over them and it sparkles.  I tried to take a few pictures but couldn't get a good full shot. Anyways, here are some detail shots.
Close up of the lace.  The glares are the sparkles.
IDK what this is, but it's detachable lol.
I LOVE the gems all over this thing!
CUTE liner! Bag is huge, holds tons of my crap!
I don't know who Sienna Ricchi is, never heard of her, but the bag just caught my eye a while back and I love it. It has the perfect amount of inside pockets and space. Love Love Love!

Anyways, to stay relevant, here is a possible repost of E.L.F in Champagne, I think.  This shimmer gave me mannequin hands!!  I can't remember if I posted this before of if it was just patiently waiting in my backlogs.  Oh well. Enjoy (=

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