Tuesday, March 15, 2011

UNICORN & how to kill a mani in 5 seconds!

This color is the second one that I found in the bucket of random Sinful Colors at Walgreens.  First of all, the name is so irrelevant I had to buy it.  Secondly, it looked really pretty in the bottle.

Yea, 5 coats. Enough to make me never use it again.  Also, the lobsterhands are out of this world in this pic.  I think there might have been *some* slight skin staining from the previous color I had on, which was a bright corally red.  But this is mostly just a contrast thing here.

Observe ladies, as I successfully KILL a perfectly fine manicure.

One coat of SH Hidden Treasure. Not dead, yet.
I should have left it here.  I should've stopped.  It actually looked really pretty like this.  But it was like, oh I don't know.. 3 AM and no sunlight, obvs, so its full beauty has not been captured in this pic. Ok, onto the murder scene.

Ew. Sorry.
I publicly apologize for doing that.  I don't think I like the shatter.  I said originally I didn't hate it, but, this is FUG. FUG FUG FUG FUGLY. For those of you who don't know fugly means "fucking ugly" - and that is the perfect description of what I have created.

Also this has got to be the most layers of polish I've ever worn. Lets count! Counting is fun.
2 coats of Orly Nail Armor
5 coats of Sinful Colors Unicorn (lol)
1 coat of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure
1 coat of my HG TC
1 coat of Shatter
1 more coat of my HG TC

THAT'S 11. My standing record!


  1. Haha "fugly". It is not that bad. 11 coats is a little excessive though lol

  2. I LOVE IT I also bought Unicorn simply because it was named Unicorn :P

  3. Aaw, 11 coats ! I wouldn't be so brave :p
    Well, I prefer it with the black shatter, mainly because I don't like yellow polish, but I love how it flashes under the black ^^

  4. I've had days like yours, more than I care to count. And I've had a 5 coater. Its great we can laugh at those moments. :D It makes it all fun!

  5. 5 coats? HOLY UNICORN! Maybe they should've named it Unicorn Pee - I think that would've been more accurate. LOL I don't mind the Shatter over the top - it made it a little...over the top. LMAO

  6. Ummm....yeah 11 coats is kind of ridiculous.
    But I like how the shatter looks on top. :3

  7. 11 coats is crazy but i think it looks great!

  8. haha thanks ladies. i dont know, maybe i just dont like shatter as much as i thought i did at first! i WISH i could pull off yellows better, they just make me look red -which is why i stopped coloring my hair to a lighter blonde than i naturally am. i always looked flushed!

  9. I really like the yellow. 5 coats of one color can be a pain but the pay off is worth it to me. Now 11 coats total? Toooooo much. :)
    (don't care for the black)

  10. Huh. I just put on Unicorn for the first time, used some Revlon quick dry base coat first - mine was opaque after two coats. It was kinda gloppy and streaky on first coat, but evened out with the second.