Friday, March 11, 2011

confetti "first kiss" & i won a prize :D

This week was ass. Just sayin'.  It was long and enough crap went down that I don't even feel like complaining about it. OH YEA, YOU READ THAT RIGHT. Moving along.

I was moving some of the polishes off my desk when I found one I hadn't seen in quite a while, Confetti "First Kiss".  I have quite a few colors along these lines but I can't help it, they're my favorite.  Pink cremes are all I ever need.

"First Kiss" - 3 coats.

I had this on for a whole day before photographing it, so that is why we have some chips-n-wear.  I bought this at CVS for 1.99$ and thought the brand would be comparable to Sinful Colors.  Maybe not.  Formula left lots to be desired but the topcoat evened it all out.  Streaky and thick were the major issues; even thinner didn't help all too much.

My hands took a BEATING TODAY.  I worked this morning for 5 hours and was inevitably on diaper duty.  Between the constant switching of powered latex gloves that sucked any sense of moisture out of my skin and the cheap foaming hand soap provided by the daycare, my skin was WHITE, like ashy white.  I don't know how many times I applied lotion but it was not even helping.  I think if I worked full time there this blog would be no more.

So I won a giveaway that I had completely forgot about.  I woke up from a nap earlier and found a package on my bed and it totally cheered me up!  Alicia from Painting 'Em Up held a 15 follower giveaway with the prize being Icing "Electric Sapphire" and since the turn out was rather small she decided EVERYBODY WINS and sent us all a polish.  I -love- that attitude.  She wrote me a letter explaining she could only find so many of said polish but sent a really pretty blue glitter with hints of green instead; I am not disappointed, its so pretty! Can't wait to wear it :D THANK YOU!!

BTW - the height of this polish is almost the exact height of my British Literature II textbook (which it is leaning up against in the picture).  That damn book is over 3000 pages and the most awkwardly shaped annoying-to-carry book I've been faced with yet.  It bulges out my school bag, lol.



  1. you poor girl. diaper duty. ugh. i actually put a diaper on my boyfriends niece and still feel weird abut it. i haven't put a diaper on a wee one since my brother (he's 17 now) so it just seemed like it didn't go on right or something. at least it wasn't backward!

  2. haha its a process alright. i did about 11 or so diapers today and honestly.. 9 had poop. ugh so many wipes LOL