Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day Mani

Alright, I braved the green for this mani.  Not a fan of full green manicures.  I don't like it on my hands.  Teals and such, OK, but green green makes me squirm.  Even though this isn't 100% green.. well I don't know.  I only did one hand and removed it ASAP. :D

Actually kind of cute right? Please ignore pinky smudge :D
Funky Fingers "Mint Monatauk" - base color
China Glaze "DV8" - triple shamrock
Funky Fingers "Tribal" - individual shamrock
Wet n Wild "Sunny Side Up" - dots
Art Deco "White" - dots
3 coats of "Mint Monatauk" No BC or TC.
What a bright, beautiful color! A minty neon.
Little darker image here so you can see the details.
I couldn't get a picture without a glare )=

I thought it looked pretty decent considering I went into this mani with NO idea of what I was doing.  The single shamrocks are sort of in the "background" and can be seen very faintly if you click to enlarge.  They were more noticeable in person.


  1. Super cute! :) And, I love that minty green pretty!

  2. You're so cute. I do green on my nails ALL THE TIME. I think it looks great on you!

  3. I love greens just a tad less than purples. this half mani (lol) looks really cute. make me wish i had the patience for konading. but i totally don't. :P

  4. @peripatetic33- thanks (=

    @Natalie - i actually like the color on its own a whole lot! but as my NP im not sold.

    @Annelise- LOl ty! i dont have a particular aversion to green EXCEPT when it comes to being on my hands, i actually love green but im adjusting haha

    @Anne- this really didnt take much time at all, it went super fast! the dotting took more percision/time than the stamps :D

  5. awww omg this is SOOO cute!!! ur so creative<3

  6. I like the little gold dots, they made me think of gold coins, you know like with the leprechaun guarding the pot of gold (coins) at the end of the rainbow? Oooo since you don't like green on your hands, if you're really ambitious, for St Patty's day, maybe you could do a rainbow mani with just the green shamrocks konad over it? Maybe not, that would be a LOT of work.