Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DERP. this manicure is a DERP.

I need to figure out how to remove the word "DERP" from my vocabulary.  I catch myself saying it instead of "oops" or in situations where "my bad" would apply.  I need to stop raising eyebrows.  That quirky weird thing I have worked when I was 17, but at 23 I'm really just getting people to question whether or not I need to be admitted to a clinic.

Well, for the time being, here is a derp of a manicure.  I said I need to figure out how to remove it, I haven't removed it yet, rofl.

Sinful Colors "Unicorn" (yellow)
Sinful Colors "Timbleberry" (red)
Confetti "First Kiss" (pink)
I should've left it alone even though it makes so sense as it is.  But I ended up destroying it with that fucking black shatter. I don't like it. It just ruins things. Looked like a fun beach ball kind of.

Now it looks like it has been camping at Death Valley for 3 weeks without a tent. DEAD. AND SHRIVELED. This mani looks thirsty!!  HOW DOES A MANICURE ACQUIRE HUMAN TRAITS?  God, black shatter is rewriting the science books here. Ugh I scrapped that shit off my nails right after I took the pics.  I know you all enjoy watching my nail blunders happen. You're a sick bunch. But it's ok - I love it too!

It looks like it has cancer. Tarred and slimy. ITS FUCKING. UGLY. LOL. I love how I can just freely go off like a lunatic here and I won't raise your eyebrows at me... d'awwwwwwwwww grouphug! no? ok.

Further evidence of the FUG.
Hey guys, I have a present for you :D :D :D


Thanks ladies for reading and putting up with my blunders, bitching, ranting and eyebrow raising behavior. Love, Cathryn


  1. HILARIOUS. Yeah I know "Derp" but mine and my BFFs is "Marrrrr" or "Merrrr" that sound. And it has a hand gesture that is like a cat clawing at something. LOL

    Seriously- give this Mani some water! ;)

  2. haha i know what youre talking about, ive heard the merrrr before LOL!

  3. Can't wait to pass on my "present" to someone else in a white elephant gift exchange, muahaha.. jk