Thursday, March 24, 2011

essence "Choose Me!"

WOW where did this week go?!  My head was buried in the books as the post-spring break panic is here.  Professors all of a sudden realize that since we had a week off - now its double time.  Yawn, I'm bored of writing paper after paper after paper.  LOL @ me for choosing english as a minor.  It was between math, chemistry, history and english.. options were limited ya know?

Anyways this'll cheer me up.

Essence "Choose Me!"
Please click to enlarge these, this is really a beautiful color and finish.  Since we know I'm *amazing* at describing polishes, here we go: a bluish green micro-glittery foil looking delight.  I tried.


This polish tricks your eyes I swear!  Indoors and without flash it is very very green.  But it's also very blue.  Couldn't capture what I see, exactly, but this is pretty close.

99. cents at Ulta

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  1. I have the same issue describing polishes. :P Anyways - it looks lovely on you and Happy Weekend!