Sunday, January 10, 2010

theyre grrrrrreat?

sometime in december, i went to five below and found a two pack of sally hansen diamond strength no chip nail color for $2. it came with a clear polish and an orange-y, yellow shimmer polish.

i decided to do a mani in the "sunrise, sunset" color and i dont think im too crazy about how it looks next to my skin. i think this would suit somebody with a more natural tan or an olive skintone. anyways, here is how it turned out;

its bad enough that im naturally fair skinned, but in the dead of winter im damn near translucent! it really is a pretty color, its just a shame its not for me. i really love the formula though. three thin coats and it was mostly opaque; not entirely, but almost. its more watery than most polishes but i have a strong preference for runny over thick. it dried pretty quickly though. and i got to use my seche vite topcoat that i just bought. (i plan on doing a comparison between insta-dri and seche vite sometime in the near future)

i wanted to mask the hideousness that is "sunrise, sunset" and what better way to do that than konad :p i used plate m57, the zebra pattern with konad's special polish in black.

it definitely toned down the orange but i still dont think im too crazy about this mani all together. like i said, its not ugly, its just not for me. i suppose if youre in highschool and your mascot is the tiger, this would be purrfect for you.

speaking of kitties, my beautiful maine coon mutt of a cat was being super cute at the time of this manicure & i couldnt help snap a picture of her. although she wasnt looking at the camera for me, my friend kristi managed to get such a precious picture!

in true crazy cat lady fasion, her name is in fact athena, but we call her neener. and im pretty sure she loves it just the same (=


  1. OMG! What a cute kitty! I have a cat that's the same color as yours and she's also fluffy. Her name is Shiva (also after a god, like yours). =) How cool is that?

  2. Hi ! I just discovered your blog and I stop here to leave you a comment because I have the same cat ! Lol ^^
    It's a Maine Coon too, her name is Opium (her real name was Osaka but I didn't like how it sounds ...) Yours is a cutie :)
    I also love your tiger mani ^^