Wednesday, January 6, 2010

hello there!

hey there! welcome to my nail polish blog! my nail polish obsession started in april of 2009 when my best friend sent me a bottle of china glaze's BFF pink holo polish in an easter present package. i didnt know such a color of nail polish existed and when i put it on, i was blown away! my only issue with my manicure was that my nails were so short, and i felt i was stunting the polish's potential. i was an avid nail biter my entire life until i recieved this bottle of nail polish and have since grown them out to a reasonable length. (for me anyways).

since april 2009, i have collected lots of varieties and colors of nail polish and have been doing my nails basically every other day. i love the nail polish blogs and read them constantly, so i decided to start one myself. there are a few things i think you should know about me before we embark on this adventure together (=

  • my camera is absolute POS. in my old apartment, my camera was stolen and in its left in its place was the one i use now. (odd that whoever took mine replaced it, isnt it?) its an i531 polaroid with 5.0 megapixel. i plan on getting a new one when my finances are straightened out. any recommendations? im open!

  • -i use proper grammar but i do not use correct punctuation or capital letters. they slow me down. my blogs are reasononably legible though, i feel.

  • -my collection of nail polish is nowhere near impressive but i love collecting. i like the salon brands as well as dollar store finds. a lot of my bright colors are from a discount store called five below, where everything is $5 or less.

  • -i by no means know the proper nail polish lingo. im not sure what a jelly is and what exactly qualifies something as a duochrome. so please be patient with my progress! i plan on becoming more familiar with the terminology.

aside from that, i think youll enjoy my blog. thank you for taking the time to read & please enjoy! :D

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