Wednesday, January 20, 2010

notd done by salonist

so, my friend treated me to an actual manicure at a salon. i decided to get a french manicure since i love the look but have trouble doing my right hand neatly. the lady went straight for the clippers and said she was going to cut my nails. stop right there. haha i never reacted so quickly! i yanked my hand away and snapped, 'NO! file them.' my nails arent overgrown.. theyre not jagged or mismatched sizes. why was she going to cut them off?!

anyways, she used essie's 'mademoiselle' and an unknown white polish for the tips. i like it, but it chips easily. ive already had to patch it up a few times and put a new topcoat on it and ive only had it for about 36 hours. hmph. this is why i dont get manicures. the money spent on them isnt always worth the quality of work, especially when you can do your own at home. which i do, aside from a french.

in completely unrelated news:

classes started up again on tuesday. so being back in school means either two things. 1. i wont be posting as much because ill be busy or 2. ill be posting twice as much avoiding school work.

im taking;
math (online.. weird i know)
educational field experience (extremely intimidating)
speech/public speaking (already butted heads with someone in this class -_-)
educational psych (first class is tomorrow)

i know im only 22 years old, and i know i dont know much about life. im a firm believer in, 'the more you know, the more you realize you dont know', but there is an older woman in the class with an abrasive 'take charge' attitude and was acting as a dictator on our group speech. i spoke up and emphasized that everyones opinion was important and i felt that we should all voice our opinion instead of listening to her command. im assuming shes in her early fifties. she immediately copped a 'tude. a public speaking course is bad enough, i dont need enemies -_- ill keep ya'll posted.

field experience is 3 hours a week in the AM, which will be nice since i was laid off in september and havent been up to too much. i have class for it on weds but ill be in the classroom again which i miss dearly. since my classes are mostly night classes, mornings are mostly open.

i have an opportunity for an unpaid internship at a charter elementary school specializing in visual and theatrical arts. it really piques my interest, so if i decide to embark in that, there will be less of me around (i guess?) i somehow always find some time for this nonsense (= im completely enthralled for the new semester!


  1. lovely classy french! too bad it chips so easily

  2. I think the manicure looks great, but I agree - there's nothing more annoying than a salon treatment that doesn't last :(

    I'm a teacher too :D I teach French and Spanish to secondary school kids (11-18 y.o.). Good luck with your classes, the public speaking one sounds scary!

  3. I love your nails...but yes they do come off easily! Still they look great!

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    ~Juliana from A Blonde Walks Into A Blog

  4. You should know better than to take pics against Hello Kitty. You know I won't be looking at yours nails =P

    LOL "abrasive"